Grants announcement

Harry Ax: son Iohnson's fund was established in 1927 through a donation to Uppsala University's Faculty of Law in connection with the 450th anniversary of the University's founding.

According to the donation letter, the proceeds will be used to support "scientific research, which is of a more principled nature and intended to shed light on the conditions for a lasting state of peace between nations and to serve the purpose of peace and international law in general". The Board of the Swedish Institute for International Law (SIFIR) welcomes applications relating to key issues of international law such as sources of international law, actors in international law, state responsibility, the relationship between national law and international law, etc.

An application can be made, for example, to enable two to four weeks of full-time work to complete an article for publication. The application must have been received by the Director of the Institute either by email or by mail to the adress below no later than 31 August the current year.

Director of SIFIR
Uppsala university
Department of Law
Box 512
751 20 Uppsala

Last modified: 2022-09-29